Remember, just four short months ago when we all made promises to ourselves and to the universe what we would manifest into existence in 2019? The promises to change our lifestyles, goals we set for ourselves for this year?

It’s only April, but it seems like a world away.

At the start of 2019, I envisioned how my year would go. A month later, things changed and my path seemingly changed. Thirty short days later, it all changed again.

I realized I’ve been so focused on how I thought my life was supposed to be. I was so committed to the path I thought I should be on, I gave everything I had to people and things that didn’t deserve a piece of me.

It was time to make a choice. So, I chose myself.

“Well duh, of course you should.” But it isn’t always that easy. I’ve been stuck in the habit of being a people pleaser for too. damn. long.

From now on, the mantra will be why not. My mood will be, because I feel like it.

This summer, I’ll start to write again, go on trips, read all the books I can get my hands on, binge watch netflix, work out, and more…all because I feel like it. It’s what I wanted.

I’m making the choice each day to no longer worry about what path I’m on or where I think I should be.

I’m choosing to trust in the timing of my life.

xoxo, Jazmyn

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