Rule # 3: Don’t Just Talk About It, Be About it.

The Babe Cave Rules

Raise your hand if you make a New Year’s Resolution every month.

I’ll go ahead and let y’all know right now that both of my hands are raised.

Before the beginning of each year, I make all these goals for myself, “I’m going to drink more water, work out more, stop eating so many potato chips, save more money, etc.”, and like a lot of other people out there, after the first week of my new and improved lifestyle, I slowly start reverting to my old bad habits.

By the end of January, I end up berating myself for giving up too quickly and I say to myself “No worries, I’ll just pick back up on February 1st!” and then I repeat this same process 10 more times that year. Sound familiar?

So, I have just one question for you. Why?

Why do you want to work out more?…

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