The Game of Life: Babe Cave Style

The Babe Cave Rules

Welcome, Player! Glad you can join the fun.

We live in a world filled with everyone showing off their #LifeGoals on all platforms, but let’s be honest for a sec. Life is not as pretty as it seems when you remove the filter.

Sometimes, things are just fcking terrible for no reason. But its fine. Life will be fine because ya know what? The fam here, the drink here, the girls here? well, fck, let’s get it then. Shoutout to Aubrey Graham.

Essential Supplies:

  • Coffee
  • Comfort Food
  • An Open Mind

  • Wine (Or hard liquor…Cause this won’t always be easy)
  • A Bomb Music Playlist

Game Play

“Sooo, I’m here to play. What should I expect?”

– The Optimistic Players (Those of you, who are probably friends with us.)

L & J: Prepare youself for a blog that is honest representation of what our life is like. We’ll share both the good…

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